(served With Rice)

  • Dal Tadka (V) (✱) $14

    Yellow Lentil Cooked With Onion, Tomatoes & Indian Spices

  • Chana Masala (V) (✱) $16

    Chickpeas Cooked With Tomatoes In Exotic Indian Spices

  • Aloo Gobi (V) (✱) $16

    Cubes Of Potatoes & Cauliflower Cooked In With Indian Spices

  • Baingan Bharta (V) $16

    Fresh Eggplant Cooked On A Low Flame, Mashed & Cooked With Onion, Tomatoes And Indian Spices

  • Special Vegetable Curry (V) (✱) $16

    Cubes Of Fresh Vegetables Cooked In A Tomato Based Sauce

  • Vegetable Korma (V) (✱) $16

    Garden Fresh Vegetables Cooked In Spices, Cashew Paste And Coconut Milk

  • Kadai Bhindi Masala (V) (✱) $16

    Tender Okra Cooked With Potatoes, Tomato, Onion, Bell Pepper & Indian Spices

  • Aloo Palak (V) (✱) $16

    Fresh Cut Spinach & Potato Cooked With Tomato & Indian Spices

  • Dal Makhani (V) $16

    Kidney Beans, Yellow And Black Lentil Cooked With Onion, Tomato & Indian Spices

  • Vegetable Makhani (V) (✱) $16

    Mixed Vegetables Cooked In Tomato Based Creamy Sauce With Spices

  • Mutter Paneer / Tofu/Potatoes (V) (✱) $17

    Green Peas Cooked With Cube Of Indian Cottage Cheese Or Tofu Or Potatoes And Indian Spices In A

  • Palak Paneer/tofu (V) $17

    Spinach & Indian Cottage Cheese Or Tofu Cooked With Indian Spices

  • Malai Kofta (✱) $16

    Cottage Cheese And Veggie Balls Cooked In A Creamy Special Sauce

  • Paneer Bhurji (✱) $18

    Grated Homemade Cottage Cheese Cooked With Tomatoes & Spices

  • Methi Malai Mutter (✱) $17

    Fenugreek Leaves Cooked In Creamy Sauce With Green Peas

  • Paneer/tofu Makhani (V) (✱) $18

    Cubes Of Indian Cottage Cheese Or Tofu Cooked In A Tomato Based Creamy Sauce With Spices

  • Kadai Paneer/tofu (V) (✱) $18

    Homemade Cottage Cheese Or Tofu With Onion & Bell Pepper, Simmered In Chef