White Lentil and Rice Crepes. Served with sambar & chutney
  • Sada (plain) Dosai (V) $10
  • Masala Dosai (V) $12

    With potatoes & onionsIndian buttery Amul cheese

  • Onion Dosai (V) (NJ) $12

    With onion topping

  • Mysore Masala Dosai (V) $14

    With layers of hot chutney, filled with potatoes & onions

  • Onion Masala Dosai (V) (NJ) $14

    With onion topping, filled with potatoes & onions

  • Amul Cheese Dosa $14

    Rice and lentil crepe stuffed with Indian buttery Amul cheese

  • Butter Masala Dosai $14

    With potatoes & onions, cooked in butter

  • Paper Dosai (V) $15

    Thin 'n' crispy

  • Paper Masala Dosai (V) $16

    Thin 'n' crispy filled with potatoes & onions

  • Paneer Bhurji Dosai $16

    Rolled with Indian cottage cheese

  • Schezwan Dosa (V) (NJ) $16

    Rolled with cabbage, carrots, spiced potatoes with spicy Szechuan chutney