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Behind the name "The Madras Cafe"

Updated: Jun 19

Madras or Chennai, as it is called today, is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. This southern Indian city, is popular not only for its rich cultural heritage and history, but also the variety of scrumptious food that they offer. You might have heard that the best Indian food is street food but the best Indian street food is found in the city of MADRAS.

When you think of Indian food, you might think of curries and naan, but if you are well experienced with Indian food and REALLY think of it, you know you cannot leave out Masala Chai or the Indian Tea. You could have it before a meal, during a meal, after a meal or even as a meal! As much as how rice is important in almost all South Indian meal, I dare say Masala Chai is just as respected and loved.

The street food vendors in Madras, hence, sell tea and coffee that is meant to warm your body, heart and soul. If you have had the chance to see a Chaiwalah (someone who sells and serves tea), either in person in Madras or in a video in the internet, you might have been amazed by his strong and quick movements. Sipping some of the aromatic Masala Chai that the Chaiwala had expertly poured and tearing a piece of a delicious Podi Dosa, that was made right in front of your eyes, is the true experience of a typical Madras cafe.

While situations do limit us from being able to experience the same thrill and pleasure as one would in the streets of Madras, our goal is to bring the warmth and delight that the food carries, all the way to our Madras Cafe in Orlando, Florida. Serving a variety of South Indian Vegetarian Food ranging from dosas, curries and of course, masala tea and coffee, we at The Madras Cafe, are committed to create the same joyful environment of Madras with the best food and the best people serving them.

Join us for a short travel to Madras and indulge yourself in our food that will make you feel closer to home.

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