• Sunny Corda

South Indian Thali - the answer to your cravings

At The Madras Cafe, we offer three different kinds of thali and they are, undoubtedly, some of the most selling items in the restaurant.

Now, for our new and curious guests, to give a brief description of a Thali, it is basically a plate that is assorted with dishes of all three courses. So, there will be an appetizer, the main entree, and your favorite dessert. However, the different versions of thali that we offer aren't limited to only these three courses. Along with a variety of appetizers, curries, rice, and dessert, we also serve lentil soups, bread, dosa, and the most adored, masala tea, as a part of the thali.

South Indian Thali

After checking our extensive menu, there is a (high) possibility that you would like to try it all but this, unfortunately, could be very hard to accomplish by yourself in one seating. And here is where Thali comes in as the ultimate south Indian food sampler!

On your next visit, try one of our thalis: the classic South Indian Thali, our house special Madras Royal Thali, or the legendary Bahubali Thali. We provide vegan options for our curries and bread as well!

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